While the ball in the Arsenal rules Kronke

While the ball in the Arsenal rules Kronke, Arsene Wenger will not go anywhere – which means you need to look at those prospects that open before the “Gunners” in the coming summer (bearing in mind, of course, the transfer window). The club is sure to leave the main stars – Alexis Sanchez and Mesut Ozil – and Wenger will have to look for a substitute. It is rumored that the French coach is ready to spend a lot on his two compatriots – Alexander Lakazetta and Kilian Mbagpe. However, Lakazetta is already actively connected with “Atletico”, and behind MbaPpe a whole line of ruthless money-bags lined up, including “Real”.

If Arsenal manages to turn at least one of these deals, cheerleaders’ anger should instantly subside. Since the last truly top-heavy transfer of the “Gunners” (he was Alexis Sanchez) has passed almost three years, and the London fans have noticeably missed them.


The upcoming summer, “Arsenal” will experience a total renewal – but it seems that the same manager will be managing the change of scenery. Arsene Wenger’s immutability as head coach of Arsenal should not embarrass anyone – it’s like scolding the rain for being wet. Wenger is the last dinosaur of the coaching department, and when he does leave, we will really miss him. So – let’s not push him to a hasty extinction, which will some day (and inevitably) happen.

To date, it is difficult to imagine any football club, which includes no foreign players. The legionnaire is a phenomenon that has become fully integrated into the minds of football fans around the world, if you do not take into account closed totalitarian states and several teams with their own transfer policies, among which the “Athletic” from Bilbao, playing mainly a clip from Basque football players, stands apart. In fact, a foreign sportsman is also used to fans, as are food products imported from abroad, which first lie on the shelves of supermarkets, and then fall into the hands of the consumer.